Before I Guide You . . . (Pt. 4)

Over the last few days we have explored several questions we should ask and answer to position ourselves to receive guidance from God, specifically in areas that are not specifically addressed in Scripture (Where I should live, who I should marry, where should I work or attend school). I hope the first, second and third questions were helpful to you as you seek guidance from our heavenly Father. Here is a fourth and final question that I think is vital if we are going to receive guidance from our heavenly Father:

4. Is God’s will for my life more important than my will for my life? Matthew 26:39-42

Often we go to God for guidance, but when we get an answer we don’t like, we sometimes go for a second opinion or we keep asking, thinking that God will give us an answer that we like. Or, we go in asking God for guidance, hoping he will bless what we have already decided. If we are to receive direction from God, we have to resolve that his will is more important than ours, and we will do what he says.

So, as we pray about where we should live, who we should marry, where we should go to school, and how many kids to have, I believe God answers our prayers for guidance in at least four ways:

1. No way! Your request is not in God’s will (Matthew 26-36-39)
2. Slow Your Roll! Your request is not God’s will at this time. (John 11:3, 6, 14-15, 43-44)
3. Grow Up! Your motives and spiritual condition are wrong (James 4:3)
4. Go Ahead! Your request, timing and spiritual condition are right (Acts 12:5-7, 12-17)

“God, our eyes are on you. We don’t know what to do and where to go. All we know is we will keep our eyes on you through a demonstration of desperation.”

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3 Responses to “Before I Guide You . . . (Pt. 4)”

  1. Celeste Says:


  2. MauricePogue Says:

    Timing is the one I have a problem with. We didn't suffer from infertility like many other (older; we're in our 20s, most others are in their 30s) couples that we encounter, but I can see where #2 and #3 come in from others. But I often wonder about those alcoholics who wake up one day and they are sober. That would be nice, but is that #2? I know that God does not condone, nor does he make us sin, but man, like Job, he allows us to suffer so that we can have a testimony. Or at least, that's what Job teaches me and that's what I have been told by and about people who have had to persevere. It's not fun being on the "before" side of the testimony, though.

    Perhaps I should go back to question 2, and the way that I will understand question 4 will become more lucid.

  3. allisblog Says:

    i guess the whole, No way! is the one I find the hardest to accept, but I suppose its best to just go along with God and accept His will for your life. He knows best, even when we think we do. I never really stopped to ask God about His plans for me in the first plan, i just went along with my life, it didn't occur to me, He had ANOTHER plan all along. Thanks.

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