Heart of my Soul

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I have been married to Tonia for the last 14 years. We will celebrate our 15th year anniversary on July 10th of this year. This year, for our yearly escapade, we will celebrate our 15 years together in Aruba. Thanks, Stowers. I really love being a husband, and I am learning more and more what it means to be a good and godly one. By his grace, I am learning how to love Tonia as Christ loved the church. Each day, I am understanding more and more of what it means to die so I can truly live.

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God has blessed us with three beautiful children – Marvin Jr., Micah, and Mikayla.

My kids are very different from one another, so each month, on the day of their birth, I spend personal time with each. We call it a Day with Dad. This has been an important time for our relationship and their development.

Marvin has a love for science, basketball and football, and he will probably be a very good scientist. Micah loves money and will probably own his own business and become extremely rich and give to expand and advance God’s kingdom. Mikayla loves everything pink. She has over 25 stuffed animals and and counting. She desires to be a vetinarian.

The heart of my soul is my family. 

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