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On July 4, at 6:10 in the morning, if the Lord says the same, Tonia and I will be heading to Aruba for seven days. We will chillax in a beautiful and spacious room in the Occidental Grand Aruba, overlooking the water. We are looking forward to: being alone, away from the kids, enjoying the white, sandy beaches, eating a lot of good food, dancing the night away, and celebrating our 15th year of marriage on July 10. I am planning on this being, as much as possible, a perfect vacation. I have permission from my honey brown to blog from Aruba. At the suggestion of a twitter friend, Tracy Davis (@anointd2srv), we will be giving his and hers written and video updates and perspectives of the trip.

Tell me about your perfect vacation. Where would it be, what would you do, and with whom would you enjoy it?

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10 Responses to “Aruba”

  1. KairaB Says:

    The perfect vacation – without the kids… Two days at the Inn at the Biltmore Estate – totally enjoying every little detail and then off to California for a week. We'd drive along the coast and visit all the cool things I've never seen out there and stay in awesome places like Dorymans Inn on Newport Beach. We stayed there for one night 9 years ago – it was gorgeous and romantic and decadent. We'd see the wineries and Hearst Castle and the beaches and eat good foods and just love each other. That's my idea of a dream vacation.

    With the kids? We'd have a trailer and we'd drive all around the US learning about history first hand and seeing this beautiful country.

  2. KairaB Says:

    p.s. Have fun!

  3. djconkle Says:

    YaY for you guys! Enjoy every minute of it and don't waste too much time sleeping in (save the sleep for the plane). Take lots of pics, random pics, pics you don't think you need pics of… those are the best ones. Make sure to try something new together.

    Matt and I went to Ocean City MD a couple of months ago. It was our honeymoon, long overdue! Looking back, I would have caught every sunrise and sunset over the ocean. Next time we're heading to North Carolina. This is where we plan/hope to live, Lord willing, sometime after Matt finishes school!

    You and Tonia need and sooo deserve this. Prayers and smiles sent your way. Tell Tonia not to worry bout the chillins, they're having a blast w/o you!!!

  4. Marvinwilliams Says:

    Thanks for the luv. It is appreciated. North Carolina, huh? I've never been, but have always wanted to visit. I hear it is a great place to live. Glad you got a chance to honeymoon. I will take your advice and take random pics, and we will try to catch every sunrise and sunset. I still might blog at the end of each day. Tonia gave me permission. : ) Grace and peace.

  5. Marvinwilliams Says:

    Wow! Sounds like a lot of fun. KB, thanks for the feedback. Maybe Tonia and I will look that destination up and consider it next year. We have always wanted to do an RV trip out west (Grand Canyon, Rockies, etc) with the kids. We'll do it one day. : ) Grace and peace.

  6. Marvinwilliams Says:

    You don't have to tell us twice. lol!

  7. bereanbro Says:

    I long for the day when my wife and I are in position to take a long vacation–first to some lush, tropical locations with blue waters and amazing sunsets and then everywhere else. I do envy you. Enjoy, appreciate and treasure the blessings of your labor and God's favor.

  8. bereanbro Says:

    MY BROTHER! Thank you! You have eloquently echoed the sentiments of my heart. Love is something you do and when you do what love does the results are amazing. True love is a teacher that breaks through so much of the shallow, erroneous misconceptions and interpretations of what love is. God is love. When I consider how He expressed love and parallel that with the so called love I see running rampant throughout our world the results I see leave me pondering the definition of insanity.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that through much hard work and COMMITMENT to the one you say you love soul-mate status is achieved. When we can operate in that Corinthians 13 kind of love bearing all things, believing all things, hoping all things and enduring all things then love will never fail. Then the one you love will truly be your soul mate.

  9. lisabirch Says:

    I am so happy for the two of you. Chris and I plan to live vicariously through you during your trip. So enjoy it to the fullest…in slow motion…make the most of each moment with God…your laughs, the sunrises, sunsets, dances, meals, everything. For our 10th anniversary, we went to Oahu, Hawaii and it was more than amazing. Planning to take another trip, just the two of us, without the three boys, at the right time. Toronto isn't considered a romantic place but it's my destination of choice and me and my sweetheart can make it a spot to remember. Love to you both.

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