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Greater Things

Friday, April 16th, 2010

My ten year old son asked us if he could have friends over. We usually say yes. But, this time we said no and reminded him that he had not been responsible in the small every day, normal things:

cleaning up his room
separating the recycling
picking up his clothes
helping with other household chores
going to bed on time

Because Micah had been irresponsible in smaller things, what made him think that we could and would trust him to be responsible in greater things. When he showed greater responsibility in smaller things, then we would be more apt to give him greater responsibility in bigger things. I think we miss opportunities of greater things because we cannot be trusted with the smaller things.  

However, sometimes I think God gives us greater responsibility, not because we are deserving or even because we are the most responsible people he could have chosen. Sometimes I think he gives us greater responsibility simply because he is a gracious Father and desires to bless us. But, I think he also gives us greater responsibility to expose our inability to handle the greater responsibility without him and to move us to break ourselves on his unconditional grace, creating the habit of humility.

I am readmitting today that, without God, not only can I not do the greater things, but I can do nothing. His help is not just nice, but it is absolutely necessary.

What assignments have you been given? How responsible are you in carrying out those assignments? What do you need to do to be more dependent on God in carrying out those assignments?

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Dangers to Ministry Leaders

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Danger1 Dangers to Ministry Leaders

I have been in ministry a number of years, serving in small, midsize, and large churches. There are ministry mine fields all over, and one misstep can ruin your family, ministry and influence that God has allowed you to develop. Here are some DANGERS to ministry leaders that I have observed over the years. Our ministries are in danger when:

1. We love ministry more than we love Jesus and the people to whom we minister.

2. We are busy with busyness than busy enjoying the joy of our salvation.

3. Our spouses and families get our leftover energy instead of our best selves.

4. Our spouses and children see more joy in our faces for ministry than for them.

5. We begin to believe and embrace our own press clippings.

6. Our primary motives for ministry are applause, recognition, and idolization from our peers.

7. We allow our accomplishments to cause us to accept and live with “reasonable” sins in our lives.

8. We allow our abilities and gifting to cause us to become less dependent on God.

9. We allow our addiction to success to cut our appetite for our desire for Jesus.

10 We allow work to replace solitude and activity to replace prayer.

11. We let the addiction to the praises of people to keep us from living the truth and convictions of God.

What other dangers to ministry leaders can you add to this list? With which danger(s) do you most identify? How can you guard yourself against these dangers in ministry?

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

As leaders, attempting to move an organization, family, ministry team, department, or small group forward, people can be our most vital assets, and they can be where we receive the greatest resistance. I believe each outcome is determined by how we relate to people. The way we relate to people reveals a lot about our leadership temperment, potential, and success. R.E. Thompson suggests these questions:

1. Do other people’s failures annoy or challenge you?

2. Do you use people, or cultivate people?

3. Do you direct people, or develop people?

4. Do you criticize, or encourage people

5. Do you shun or seek out the person with a special need or problem?  

Are there other questions you can add? Based on these questions, how do you relate to people? What does it say about your leadership temperment and potential? In which of these areas do you do an excellent job? In which of these do you need the most work? Weigh in on the convo. 


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The Simple Things – #tls09

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

summit 2009 300x155 The Simple Things   #tls09

The Leadership Summit challenges me every year to be a better leader. This year was no different. This year’s faculty was phenomenal and they challenged me in many ways. In no particular order, here are highlights and points that caused me to reflect the most:  

1. Have an adequate personal replenishment strategy
2. Rogue waves provide the perfect conditions for greater ministry and our steepest learning curves.
3. Redemption and renewal are more important than church programs
4. Bring the gospel to people’s hearts instead of pounding their wills
5. Create an environment and context for the Bible to work
6. Celebrate what we have instead of complaining about what we don’t have
7. Love the fringe 
8. Relationships trump vision 
9. Our most courageous act of leadership can be done in our darkest moments
10. Live with a cause in your heart
11. Reflect on our leadership – Be a reflective practioner 
12. Read! Read! Read!
13. Understand and conquer your dark side
14. We might not have a person problem, but a situation problem
15. Big problems are solved by small solutions
16. Help people to anticipate adversity
17. Bright spots help people realize that they are capable of change

Here are a few “simple things” that I have recommitted to doing as a leader as a result of the Leadership Summit 09:

1. Spiritual: Bible, prayer, reflect and journal at least an hour a day
2. Physical: Go to bed by 10:30 each night
3. Physical: Workout 3-5 days a week
4. Emotional: Understand, articulate and conquer my dark side and flesh patterns as a leader by September 30th
5. Intellectual: Read at least an hour a day and journal my insights daily

These are not difficult goals, but they do require hourly, daily, weekly, and yearly consistency. These are the “simple things,” and if I am consistent, these habits can sharpen my leadership gifts and positively and powerfully change my leadership practices and trajectory.

What highlights above speak to your life and leadership the most? What are some “simple things” you can do to change the direction of your leadership?

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Powell’s Leadership Principles

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

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