A Month From Now

Next month, July 7-14, my beautiful bride and I will be going here to celebrate our 16th year anniversary. When I went through the second year of Men’s Fraternity, led by Robert Lewis, he encouraged us to have a weekly escape, a monthly experience and a yearly extravaganza. So, this year our yearly extravaganza will take us to Costa Rica. Last year, our yearly extravaganza was here, and we had an absolutely wonderful time. Here are some pics from our time in Aruba.

As a married couple, we deal with all kinds of stresses, but these kinds of intentional of times and experiences help our marriage to breathe and be rejuvenated from week to week, month to month and year to year. We are still learning.

How do you and your spouse keep your marriage alive and breathing the wonderful oxygen of unity and intimacy? Do you have a weekly escape, monthly experience or a yearly extravaganza with your spouse? What do those times look like?

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  1. gchyayles Says:

    We haven't had the opportunity to physically get away in the last six months since our son's birth but we are intentional about spending time together and connecting when we have time to ourselves. I suppose being first time parents we are still adjusting but we do recognize the importance of nourishing our marriage and praise God that during this transitory period He has been faithful to carry us through and keep us connected through Him. Some things we do daily is prayer and devotional, we talk about our victories and challenges for the day, and we try to do something fun like watch our favorite tv show, play a board game, watch a movie, or our favorite team play (GO LA! lol).

    We do plan on doing a cruise for our anniversary next year so praying for God to make a way both financially and in terms of leaving the baby. We also plan on visiting my Mom in Pakistan this December which will be nice as my hubby will get to experience my culture and actually visit all the places I talk about which he is really excited about. Again praying about God's timing and provision for that to take place too.

  2. gchyayles Says:

    And thanks for the reminder that our marriages are a ministry and we have to feed it in order for it to grow and continue to bring God glory. I pray you all have a wonderful anniversary vacation; the place looks beautiful! And congrats on 16 years; that is truly a testimony in itself, praise God!

  3. Karen Hossink Says:

    *sigh* No. We don't. And the first thing that pops into my head when I think about these events is – How could we ever do it? So many obstacles come into view.
    BUT I know it would be a good thing.
    Thanks for putting the thought into my mind.
    Will be talking to Brian about this. Soon.

  4. MauricePogue Says:

    On a day-to-day basis, we try to take some time to talk, whether it's a sit-down in the kitchen while the kids are in bed or watching TV or upstairs while we are folding clothes. Much to my chagrin, these times may even come when I lie my head on the pillow or relaxing playing a video game and Jacquelyn is a bit on the verbose side. I've arranged our Netflix account so that we can alternate between "man" and "woman" movies.

    On a month-to-month basis, we might be able to get a sitter who basically watches the house while we're gone. We might go to a movie or Culver's or Tasty Twist just to get away from the domestic aspect of our marriage. I wish this could be a weekly thing but it's financially prohibitive. I mean, I know of some sitters who would take "whatever we could give," but my conscious gets the best of me and I would overextend my generosity.

    We were blessed enough so that I could take Jacquelyn on a shopping spree for our anniversary, but next time, I'll do something less rigorous. This summer, I'm taking her to the NFL Hall of Fame. Can't wait.

    But financial blessings are key. We could do none of this had we not properly managed our stewardship. In July, we will have gone a year without using our credit cards***. PRAISE THE LORD!

    ***Amazon auto-renewed my Prime account. I have to get that fixed.

  5. DisneyCyndi Says:

    Weekly dates, and as often as finances will allow (not as often as I would like mind you) we try to go spend some vacation time together (especially now that the children are grown).

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